Friday, 19 July 2013


This post isn't just for my FitClubbers, it's for anyone who can't get to the gym or their normal classes over the summer for whatever reason.

These body weight exercises should keep you ticking over, whatever your level, until you can get back on it in September!  If you want to make any of these harder there are several things you can do:
1     Increase the number of reps that you do
2     Increase the number of sets that you do
3     Slow the exercises right down
4     Add more resistance by holding weights.  If you don't have weights, 1 litre milk bottles weigh about 1kg.  Tin cans aren't heavy enough to make any difference.

Have a look also at the Exercise Videos page for demonstrations of how to do a lot of the basic exercises.

I will try to get some more videos up this weekend that you can do as well.

Make sure you set a regular time to do these, that way you are more likely to keep up with them - if you do them as and when they are more likely to wane.  Every morning, just after you get up, just before you go to bed or while you listen to the Archers (or is that just me...?)

Daily 5 Minute Tick-Over

Wall Press Ups
Incline Press Ups

1     Press Ups - whichever type you do, against the wall, on your knees, incline, regular or handstand.  As many as you can do in one go.  Record the number.  Add one more each day.

Knee Press Ups
Regular Press Ups

2     30 seconds of air squats.  Make sure you push your knees out, keep your chest up, weight in your heels so you can lift your toes.  Add 5 seconds each day.

There are two ways to squat.   Start with the first one and as your hip mobility increases, start trying to get lower.

1     Sit on a chair with your feet shoulder width apart and parallel.  your calves want to be almost vertical.  Lean forward a little, maintaing the natural arch in your lower back, keep your chest up.  Make sure the weight is in your heels and stand up, pushing your knees out to the side as you do to avoid your knees collapsing inwards.  To com back down, bend your knees slightly, maintaining a straight back, don't let your shoulders slump forwards and push your bottom back, hinge at the hips and put your bum back onto the chair.  progress onto doing this without the chair.

2     Stand with feet shoulder width apart and feet parallel.  As you squat, drop down rather than pushing your hips down so once your bottom is below your knees, your ankles hips and shoulders are almost all in line.  Keep your chest up, you should feel this in your mid to lower back.

Daily 10 Minute Tick-Over

1     Press Ups - whichever type you do, against the wall, on your knees, incline, regular or handstand.  As many as you can do in one go.  Record the number.  Add one more each day.

2     30 seconds of air squats - make sure you push your knees out, keep your chest up, weight in your heels so you can lift your toes.  Add 5 seconds each day.

3     Triceps dips - do these with your knees bent on the bottom step if your stairs to begin with, progress onto a chair, each time you do them lengthen the lever your legs make by straightening them out. Progress onto doing them with your feet up at the same height as your hips on a bench or chair.

4     Back extensions -  Lie on the floor on your front with your arms out to the side in a T position, thumbs pointing upwards.  forehead facing the ground, lift your chest and legs of the ground and hold for a count of 5.  Do this 5 times.  Move your arms into a Y position and do the same.  Then move your arms to your ears in an I position and do the same.

Daily 10 Minute Pulse Raiser

Do 60 seconds of each exercise with no rest between them.

1     Skipping - if you don't have a rope or you get tangled up easily, just use an invisible rope!  This gives you the opportunity to do some right fancy moves too!  Ha ha.

2     Plank - stop when you have to, if you have to, rest only for as long as you need to do it again.  Work up to 60 seconds without a break.

3     Air squats - arse to grass - get your bum as low as you can - back straight, arms out to the front, heels on the ground, push your knees out to the side.  Record the number you do.

4     Press ups - do as many as you can in the time.  Rest when you have to but only as much as you need.  Record the number you do.

5     Mountain Climbers - Make it harder by lifting each foot off the ground as it comes forward.  Record the number you do.

Do two rounds of this to torch calories and build strength and endurance.

Daily 5 Minute Core Stability Circuit

1     Plank - as long as you can do - record your time and try to increase it each time you do it.

2     Curls - on your back, feet off the ground, knees at right angles, hands across your chest.  Curl your spine up and tense your tummy, specifically your lower abs.  Do as many as you can, record the number and try to increase this each tome you do it.

3     Heel touches - lie on the ground with your knees bent.  Try to reach for your ankle bone rather than twisting your shoulders to the side so much.  The further your ankles are away from you the harder it is.

4     Leg raises - Lie on your back, hands under your bum to protect your lower back, legs straight.  Lift them up to vertical and dow to an inch above the ground.  Do as many as you can - record the number.  Make it harder by lifting head and shoulders off the ground.

5     Flutter Kicks - Lie on the floor, hands under your bum, legs straight.  Take one ankle over the other.  the higher your legs are off the ground the easier it is.

Do one, two or all of these workouts daily to keep your fitness and strength levels up over the summer break!

Leave a message to let us know how you are doing!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

So what can you do?

I was speaking to a very lovely lady this morning who has recently lost 3 stone. I asked her how she had done it and her answer was so refreshing.

There was no faddy diet, no book or plan or pills or bars or soups, no calorie or point counting - she said she had just cut the crap.

No more bread and potatoes, no more sugar.  Processed food has gone.

There you have it.  Common sense in action and working!

Following on from my previous post, if you have decided that you genuinely want to make the change more than you want a chocolate eclair, packet of crisps or sausage roll, whatever your vice is, then read on.  This is what you have to do.   (click here!)

If you don't want to do it, that is totally fine.

But don't complain about the results your not seeing with all the work you're not doing! 


Stop worrying. Change what you can; live with what you can't.

We all have things we would like to change about ourselves or improve.  

I think it's a shame when these things involve changing how we look, if we believe how we look isn't good enough.  Sometimes, simply taking control of our lives can be enough to accept how we look and become comfortable, if not happy with it.

Sometimes these changes we want to make involve dropping a few pounds.  I prefer to look on this change as moving towards a healthier way of living rather than diminishing the amount of space we take up.  This is why lifting weights is such a good way for women to lose weight because as our fat decreases, our confidence increases!

Many people complain to me that they cannot lose the last few pounds they believe they need to lose to become completely happy with themsleves.

I have trouble with this on two counts.

Firstly, by believing that you cannot be truly happy until something or other happens, you are delaying your life.  You are stoping yourself from living in the moment and you are actually making it harder to achieve that goal because you build it up into the be-all and end-all of your happiness.

Happiness is not actually about being happy.  

Happy is not a thing you are; it's a thing you do.  It's what you are doing.

One way to help happiness come about is by feeling you have control over your immediate environment and your life.  There are a million things you can do to take control.  In this instance, we are talking about taking control of your nutrition. 

Secondly, I have trouble with this because it's actually very simple.  If you really want to make the change enough, then find out what you have to do and do it!  If you don't, you really didn't want it enough - so accept that!  Stop beating yourself up for not losing a few pounds and accept it!  Otherwise you will be living in this horrendous cycle of resolve, failure, guilt and self-punishment and your life will again be on hold.  This is no way to live.

This is what you need to do:

Decide how much you genuinely want to change.

Work out precisely what you need to do to make this happen.

Do it.

Or don't.

Friday, 12 July 2013

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