Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A few words on nutrition...

Firstly, never go on a diet because psychologically and physiologically you have already set yourself up to fail. Instead, make positive changes to your nutrition. Cut the processed food, cut flour, cut sugar. Boom. Secondly, never go on a detox diet. This is what your liver and kidneys are for. A detox diet is utterly pointless and really unpleasant. Instead, make positive changes to your nutrition. Cut the processed food, cut flour, cut sugar. Boom. Thirdly, eat enough so you are never hungry. If you allow yourself to get hungry, your brain cannot think straight and you make bad choices. This is why I didn't include many portion sizes in my food diary, as what each person needs to feel full is different. People carrying more fat need to eat more than slimmer people but this needs to drop as you lose fat. Lastly, never go on a diet! If you are cutting the naughty stuff, for life, whatever is left you can eat as much as you like of!

Monday, 28 May 2012

My food diary

So this is what I typically eat, every day.  I've included a take away and a restaurant meal to show it is possible to make positive choices and eat clean even when someone else is cooking.

It is harder to do when you go to a friend's house for dinner or a barbecue and not come across as rude - but not impossible.  Make sure you say, when accepting an invitation, anything that you are avoiding at the moment just as you would if your were vegetarian or allergic to nuts.

Hope this is interesting - this is a pretty typical week.  I (almost all the time) don't eat anything made from flour - that includes bread, cakes, pies, pasta etc. and I don't eat anything with sugar in.  My philosophy being I don't want to go hungry, so if I cut out anything that is bad, I can eat as much as I want of what's left!

Times are approximate.

8.00 am Breakfast:
Bircher muesli - oats soaked in orange juice, a little semi-skimmed milk and Greek yoghurt, with cooked blueberries and cherries and a little honey to sweeten, topped with toasted hazelnuts and almonds.
10.15 am Snack:
2 bananas
12.15 pm Lunch:
3 oatcakes with humous and cottage cheese
chopped raw veggies - carrots, cucumber, celery and yellow pepper
Greek yoghurt with fruit puree (I use Ella's kitchen baby food - no added sugar, just fruit)
4.00 pm Snack:
Apple, 2 handfuls of mixed almonds, pecans and hazelnuts
6.00 pm Snack:
1/2 small chicken breast and raw veggies
8.00 pm Dinner:
Spicy king prawns and salad
9.00 Snack:
2 apples

I factor in a snack at 6pm because that is when I feed the kids and I usually finish off what they don't eat.  Why fight it?  If that's what I'm going to do anyway - show me a mum who doesn't - then embrace it!

I also wouldn't normally have 2 bananas for a snack but a child peeled one and gave it to me at playtime after I'd already eaten one - I just can't see how 2 bananas is going to be bad for anyone!

I also normally have a bowl of chopped up veggies in the fridge and a bowl of nuts on the side that I can just graze on throughout the day - so when I say they are for a snack, sometimes I've just been dipping into them over the course of a few hours.

8.00 am Breakfast:
Bircher muesli
10.30 am Snack:
peanut butter, oatcake and cottage cheese
12.00 pm Lunch:
Chicken breast and salad
3.30 pm Snack:
Apple and two handfuls of mixed almonds, pecans and hazelnuts
6.00 pm Snack:
2 handfuls of mixed nuts
8.00 pm Dinner:
3 slices of thin crust pizza with goats cheese and spinach and 1/2 the amount of regular cheese
1 spoonful of Ben and Jerrie's ice cream
9.00 pm Snack:
apple and a banana

7.30 Breakfast:
4 daddy pancakes and marmite (oats, egg and cottage cheese fried in a little butter)
10.00 am Snack:
2 handfuls of mixed almonds, hazelnuts and pecans
12.30 pm Lunch:
Spicy prawns and raw veggies
2.30 pm Snack:
Apple, Greek yoghurt and fruit puree
6.00 pm Dinner:
Chicken tikka (starter not main), lentil daal, cottage cheese cubes on creamy sauce, one chocolate mint.

7.00 am Breakfast:
Sugar-free Alpen and semi-skimmed milk. Coffee.
10.00 am Snack:
Apple and a handful of mixed nuts, smoothie

1.30 pm Lunch:
Chicken tikka pieces, cous cous with black olives, cucumber, red pepper and capers, tuna mayo with grated cheese and chopped gherkins. Celery.
2.30 pm Snack:
Gin and (full fat) tonic

6.30 pm Dinner:
turkey mince chilli and cottage cheese
8.00 pm Snack:

7.45 am Breakfast:
Sugar-free Alpen and semi-skimmed milk
11.30 am Snack:
chopped up raw veggies and humous
12.30 pm Lunch:
Cold salmon fillet and salad
4.00 pm Snack:
Chopped up raw veggies and almonds
6.00 pm Snack:
Hard boiled egg and mayonnaise
8.00 pm Dinner:
Chilli and Greek yoghurt
9.00 pm Snack:

Krish x

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Where's your head at?

There are distinct stages to making a positive change to your life, be it quitting smoking or drinking, taking control of your nutrition or embarking on a more active life.

1     Denial
2     Contemplation
3     Planning
4     Action
5     Maintenance

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we are all human, there is a stage 6.  The bad thing about stage 6 is that it is a step backwards but the good thing about stage 6 is that we can nip straight back into stage 4 or 5 immediately without having to trawl through stages 1-3 first!

6     Relapse

Basically, if you hit stage 6, that's OK - it's a recognised stage.  That means it isn't the end of the world.  You can just say to yourself, 'OK, I had a cigarette or a drink or a cream bun, I couldn't be bothered to workout or walk today but do you know what?  I can get straight back on it again right now!  Not tomorrow, or next week or on Monday but RIGHT NOW!'

It's never all or nothing.  Stage 6 feeds directly back into stage 4 or 5.

Let's have a closer look at these stages.
1     Denial
I don't need to change.  Nothing is wrong.  Everything is fine.  Everyone else is a little mad but I am sane.  Smoking is fine, drinking is fine, overeating and under-exercising is all just fine.
2     Contemplation
Perhaps there are a couple of improvements I could make.  Maybe it's time to think about a few small changes.  I might think about it.
3     Planning
I need to make a change.  things cannot go on the way they are.  I have bought the book, I have enrolled in that class, I have the nicotine patches and have poured the wine down the sink.  I am ready to begin!
4     Action
I'm doing it!  I have done a couple of classes - I ached!  I have made positive changes to my nutrition, quit smoking, drinking, begun walking or running!
5     Maintenance
This is how I live.  These small changes have added up to a new and better way of life.  I am living what I believe in and I am seeing the positive changes!

6     Relapse
I had a bad weekend, it was my mate's birthday, barbecue, wedding, funeral.  Things have taken a bit of a nose dive...

This is where I have invented a new stage: Stage 7 - it's called Real Life.

7     Real life
There are always going to be weddings, parties, funerals and barbecues.

Stage 7 is how you handle that.  

When you sign up to K-Loss, I give you a list of rules.  These rules, if stuck to 100% will deliver rapid and amazing results.  

However, I don't make my plans for the 2% of people out there with wills of iron.  I make my plans for real people; real people like you!

My plans have wriggle room, in that it is the individual who tweaks them to make them fit their life.  YOU tweak the rules until they fit with your life.  They will still make a difference because they are sensible, no-nonsense, honest rules that are easy to make sustainable.  Because I am not selling a dream, I am selling the truth, because I am not selling an impossible 'diet' I am selling sustainability, stage 7 is achievable for everyone!

Real life is a level of self-awareness and understanding that means you know what your triggers are, you know what your achilles heels are and you know how to manage them.

It isn't an easy path to traverse but with sensible, no-nonsense support that changes the way you think through education and straight talking, you can get there!

Where's your head at right now?

Krish x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Top 5 Nutrition Secrets

At no point ever do I condone diets.  I have said this before.  They don't work, they are unsustainable, they are often counter-productive and they can range from the utterly pointless to the downright dangerous.

Instead, there are plenty of sensible, easy, non-nonsense ways to eat clean.  I have covered what to eat in previous posts, in this one I am going to cover a few tricks on how to eat.  If you find it hard to push away from the table when you are comfortably full or you find it hard not to binge on unhealthy snacks here are some tips to help you ditch the diets, scrap the scales and cut the crap for good.

1     Don't buy unhealthy snacks.
2     Don't use transparent containers.
3     Don't get BOGOF food.
4     Use smaller plates.
5     Focus on your meal.

Let's look at these in more detail.

1     Don't buy unhealthy snacks.
Just don't buy them.  Don't have them in the house.  If they aren't there, you can't eat them.  And don't use your kids or your wife or your husband as an excuse!  Why would you decide to nourish your own body with healthy food but not bother for the rest of your family?
2     Don't use transparent containers.
If you insist on buying things you know you shouldn't, then store them out of sight, in an opaque container, on the top shelf of the cupboard.  Research has shown that the less the food is on show, the less likely you are to eat it.  Blue is the best colour as it is an appetite suppressant.

3     Don't get BOGOF food
Research has also shown that the more food you have stockpiled the more you will eat, so that great buy-one-get-one-free deal, while halving your budget is doubling your calorie intake!  Even if it's free, if you only went in for one, make sure you only come out with one!
4     Use smaller plates
Research proves that our brains' decision about whether or not to stop eating is governed by a very simple question: have I finished my food?  So if we have an enormous plate of food, we will eat much more until we 'feel' full than if we have a smaller plate of food.  Cut your portion sizes or cut your plate size and cut your calorie intake without being left feeling hungry.
5     Focus on your meal
You will, studies have shown, eat more while you are distracted.  That distraction could be television, radio, reading a book, chatting with friends, anything that takes your mind off your meal.  If you want to cut the amount you are eating, turn off the TV and focus on your food.

Try these tips along with my nutrition advice to ditch the diets, scrap the scales and cut the crap, for good!

Krish x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Toned arms with muscle definition.

For ages I was following the mantra of low weights high reps, for muscle endurance, fat loss and toning. But nothing really changed. So, just for fun, to see what would happen, I upped the weights and dropped the reps. Almost instantly, within a week or two, I saw a change. My arms became more toned with more muscle definition - not bulk. So my top tip to you is this: if you want to see your muscles at rest, forget the low weights, high reps and get lifting heavy. Go for between 5-8 reps. Body weight exercise will begin the change but they will only go so far. Krish x

Traffic stopping, alarm-triggering abs of steel, anyone?

A good, strong core makes everything better.  Your core muscles assist with absolutely everything you do in everyday, normal life - from sitting up and standing up to walking up the stairs and carrying bags of shopping.  A good, strong core will assist you in every exercise you do and every exercise you do can strengthen your core.

Your core muscles sit around your abdomen and your back, they hold your internal organs in place and support your spine.  A good, strong core is the single best way to prevent and cure back problems.  A good strong core is also the best root to killer, traffic-stopping, alarm-triggering abs of steel!

However, you could have a six pack to rival Batman and not be able to see it if it's covered in a layer of fat.  So combine these exercises with my nutrition tips to really sculpt your body.

These are my top 5 favourite core exercises and say goodbye to back pain and hello to that new bikini!

Remember to engage your pelvic floor and core muscles before you begin any exercise for maximum results.  Do each exercise until you can't do any more.

1     Plank
A great exercise for total core stability.  Hold for as long as you can and time yourself so you can hold for a little longer each time you do it.  A fit person should be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes minimum.

2     Side plank
Great for strengthening your obliques, the muscles that run around your sides.  Again, hold for as long as you can on each side and time yourself so you can hold for a little longer each time.

3     Superman
Great for your back and deep muscle core stability and harder than it looks.  Make sure that your legs and arms and torso are all at right angles when you do this and when you raise opposite arm and leg, ensure your hips and shoulders do not raise also.

4     Ab curl
Good for killer abs.  Focus on shortening the distance between your ribs and pelvis rather than lifting your back off the floor.

5     Dead Bug
Good for your lower abdominals.  Make sure yo keep your legs at right angles and that your hips are the only joints that moves, keep your knees still as you lower you feet to the floor and back.  Aslo called 100s because you need to do 100 of them!

There's still time to get that flat tummy in time for the summer.  What are you waiting for?

Krish x

Friday, 18 May 2012

Killer Bikini Workout anyone?

Am going to spend this morning designing the perfect 12 minute, killer body-weight workout.  

I'm thinking of starting a 12 minute club.  Pay nominal fee and join us every morning for 12 minutes.  Surely we can find 12 minutes out of our hectic lives to get sweaty?

I promise you, what I come up with will have you beach ready in no time!  Well, 12 minutes...

Let me know if you like the sound of a 12 minute club!

Krish x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lose fat and get fit in 12 minutes a day!

High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT 
Get yourself a super-effective cardio workout in 12 minutes!

Alternate one minute as hard as you can go with one minute active recovery (that's gentle jogging, rowing, skipping).
This could be on a bike, running on a treadmill or outside, or it could be jogging on the spot, skipping, rowing...anything that gets your heart pumping! Do this for 6 cycles.

That's JUST 12 minutes. A 12 minute workout that has enormous impact! 

Don't tell me you don't have time to squeeze in a 12 minute workout at least 4 times a week.

Download an app called bit timer that lets you set your own times for intervals. 

That's just 12 minutes! Remember, someone busier than you is getting fit, right now!

Krish x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


A bit of a buzz word at the moment.  I hear a lot of people talking about a low carb diet.  To me, a low carb diet is a dangerous diet.  

Let me give you some facts:

Carbohydrate is broken down into glucose and stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver.  It is the body's preferred energy source and the only fuel that your central nervous system can use - your brain only uses glucose for energy.  Therefore a diet low in carbohydrates is going to leave you feeling lethargic and fuzzy-headed.  Not a good nutrition plan for someone who wants to feel more energised and active!

Carbohydrates come in a variety of forms.  There are the starchy carbs: potatoes, rice, pasta, bread and cereals and there are fibrous carbs: fruits and vegetables other than potatoes.  The bottom of the food pyramid shows your diet should consist of 60% carbohydrates - what it doesn't normally show is that you can just as easily get your 60% from fruits and vegetables as you can from pasta, bread, potatoes, rice and cereals.

The thing about carbs is that as soon as they mix with your saliva, they are beginning to be broken down into glucose; it's pretty instant. The starchy carbs break down quickly and easily and the glucose is released into the bloodstream rapidly.  This is why, when you are hungry, you reach for the mountains of toast because you get an almost instant sugar hit from it!  This is why people like a mountain of pasta or mashed potatoes.  Instant sugar hit.

The trouble with an instant sugar hit is that it leaves your body just as quickly and you are left feeling low and sluggish.  Ever felt like you need a snooze after a big bowl of pasta or all those roast potatoes and Yorkshire puds at Sunday lunch?

The other thing is that  if you are looking to burn fat and you have huge stores of glycogen from eating starchy carbs, you are never going to get through those energy stores and start burning fat, the body's secondary fuel source.  If you want to burn fat, you need to get through those glycogen stores quickly and into the fat stores.  So stocking up on starchy carbs, that don't get burnt off, just means full glycogen stores and a spillover of what isn't used into your fat stores.

The good news is that fibrous carbs, like carrots, broccoli, cucumber, celery, peppers, courgettes, apples, bananas, pears, peaches, plums etc take much longer to digest.  In actual fact, the fibre is indigestible so it goes straight through you, cleaning your insides as it goes.  But this takes much longer to happen than with the starchy carbs, so you feel fuller for longer!  And you dont get the sugar highs and dips that you do with the starchy carbs.  And you are far less likely to overeat carbs and therefore they are not going to get stored as fat.

So my advice is this.  Cut anything with flour altogether, (that's bread, cakes, pies and pasta) - empty calories that are generally mixed with all sorts of other nasties.  And limit your intake of rice, potatoes and cereals to early in your day and make sure you keep the skins on your potatoes so you keep the fibre and that you choose brown rice and if you are tempted by flour...wholegrain pasta and bread.

Make sure that you are still getting 60% of your nutrition from carbohydrates, just make sure that rather than being predominately starchy carbs, you opt for the fibrous carbs that keep you fuller for longer!

One other little point, that you'll thank me for.  If you are not used to eating so much fibrous veg, you must remember to up your water intake.  If not, you may find yourself a little more bloated and...windy than normal.

So, do not fall into the trap of half-understanding a 'diet' (remember K-Loss don't do diets!) and following a low carb nutrition plan.  That will lead to failure as it is completely unsustainable.  You need a HIGH carb diet, just opt for the right kinds of carbs.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Quick, healthy breakfasts for kids (and grown ups!)

Early mornings are not my favourite time of the day.  My daughter is of a similar opinion so we have a pact: we do not speak to one another until we have both had a good breakfast.  It makes for a more pleasant morning for everyone.

So what is a good breakfast for kids?  I know it's much easier to give them a bowl of cereal than to cook a meal and on days when I really can't be bothered and it's a get-your-own-breakfast-day, that's exactly what I do.

But not all cereals are created equal.  I have looked at the ingredients of all the cereals on the supermarket shelves here in the UK and what I discovered was quite shocking.  There are only a handful of cereals that do not contain any added sugar at all.

So on the days I can't be bothered, or I don't have time, my kids have either: raw porridge oats with milk and honey, raisin wheats with milk or sugar-free Alpen with milk and perhaps a chopped banana on top.  This way, I know they are having a breakfast that won't give them a sudden sugar high followed by a dip just as they start work at school and that the complex carbohydrates will keep them going until lunch time.

On the mornings when I do have the inclination, we have cooked porridge, to which I add raisins or frozen fruit - blueberries or cherries or raspberries etc, and the kids add honey.  This takes 10 minutes to cook on the hob (it's much quicker in the microwave).  We also have Bircher muesli, which is one of the kids' favourite.  Scrambled or poached eggs is also quick as they only takes 5 minutes to cook - great with rye ryveta and tomatoes.

Sometimes, when I have longer - like at the weekends, or when for some unfathomable reason I'm up early, we have grilled pork chops, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and oatcakes or oaty banana pancakes with dark chocolate sauce or daddy pancakes, which are oats, cottage cheese and egg, fried in a little butter with marmite spread on top.

It takes a little preparation and thought but not much and it makes such a difference to their day.

Here's my super quick recipe for Bircher Muesli:

This part takes 45 seconds to do
Oats, soaked in enough fruit juice of your choice to make it sloppy-ish.  Apple or orange juice works best.  Let that soak in for around 3 mins while you chase the kids' book bags and shoes etc.
This part takes 30 seconds to do
Put some frozen berries in a pan with a squirt of honey and let it simmer down into a sort of lumpy coulis.
This part needs your attention for 2 minutes
Toast a few almonds and hazelnuts in a pan for a few minutes.
This part takes 45 seconds to do.
Add a few dollops of Greek yoghurt and some raisins to the oat mixture.  Take to the table and serve with the fruit coulis and nuts.
Done, in under 5 minutes.  Don't tell me you don't have time for that!

If you have time, grated apple (keep the skin on) is a great addition but it's equally good without.

So even if you're an ogre in the mornings, like me, with these quick brekkies, you can be ready for a civilised chat in no time!

Krish x

Monday, 14 May 2012

Junior Hero Academy

Today is my very first Junior Hero Academy.  
I'm so excited!

A mixture of cardio, resistance training, core stability and stretches, with some Fartlek and intervals thrown in for good measure!

Want your kids to be fit and healthy?  Then they need to:

Eat clean, move more, sleep well and get outside!

Joining something like Junior Hero Academy is a great start!

I'll be writing some posts specifically for kids soon, on fitness, health and nutrition, so keep your eyes peeled!

Krish x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sneaky peek into my kitchen

I thought you might find it interesting to see what my family and I eat.  I thought I'd show you the contents of my kitchen.  My fridge and cupboards are filled with things that someone with no will power should fill their kitchen with.  There's virtually nothing naughty in here that I can eat and regret later.  

You do have a choice, when you shop, what you buy.  

This is the contents of my kitchen.

Some of it is chilled dairy - cottage cheese, eggs and Greek yoghurt and most of the rest of it is vegetables and salad.

I eat a lot of cottage cheese, it's a good source of protein that doesn't need cooking, which is good as I am incredibly lazy and despise cooking.  I also like a small pot Greek yoghurt with Ella's Kitchen baby food squirted into it.  This is because I like fruity yoghurt but I don't want added sugar and the baby food is just pureed fruit.  It's convenient and tasty and a really filling snack.

I tend to chop up half a cucumber, 1 yellow pepper, 3 sticks of celery and 2 large carrots to eat over the course of the day.   This is a really important source of carbohydrate for me as I don't eat a lot of starchy carbs (virtually no potatoes or rice, never pasta, never bread or anything with flour in).

None of my dairy is low fat.  Low fat products often have a lot of added sugar and they don't fill you up in the same way full fat does, so you end up eating more.

Remember not all calories are created equal.  there's nothing wrong with full fat.  So long as you aren't gorging on whipped cream and pork fat for every meal, you're going to be OK.

I also eat a lot of nuts. They are full of good fat and protein and are a great snack if you're looking for a crunch.

This cupboard has home-made oatcakes and store bought for in case I run out.  I don't think I could live without oatcakes.

There's some rye Ryveta for quick lunches, some miso soup for a quick snack and tons of nuts.  Honey and agave nectar for sweeteners instead of sugar.  Still fairly high in calories but far less processed and give you less of the sugar highs and subsequent dips.

As you can see, a lot of my life is spent snacking, that way I never get hungry.  I am very grouchy when I'm hungry.  Ask my family.

You can see some cocoa, good for making things chocolatey without the sugar and some dark chocolate at the back.  The kids do like chocolate sauce with their oaty banana pancakes at the weekend.

Tinned tomatoes, chickpeas, tuna, pineapple chunks.  Nothing to see here.  Chickpeas are used in either chilli or lemon drizzle cake or blueberry cupcakes.

This is my baking cupboard.  Mostly brown sugar and a little caster sugar for visitors or the odd 'real' cake we make.
There is oatbran  that can be added to anything really for a little extra roughage.  There is gram flour (from chickpeas) that I use for toad-in-the-hole for the kids instead of wheat flour.
There's rye flour for times when I really need flour.  Right at the back, you'll find some plain and self raising wheat flour but it is very rarely used.

There's also dries fruit in here, rasisins, sultanas, figs, dates, apricots.  Nice to add a bit of sweetness to mixed nuts.

This cupboard is filled with rices of all kinds.  I don't tend to eat rice but the kids like to have brown rice with their chilli or as their main starchy carb.

There are lentils, my daughter loves lentil soup!  There's quinoa and cous cous, popping corn and wholewheat pasta.  I don't eat pasta either but when I make it for the kids, even when they have friends over, this is what I use.

Olive oil.  Coconut oil.  A variety of vinegars.  Soy sauce.  I don't know what the sunflower oil is for. I never use it...

Freezer is filled with chicken, minced turkey, pork chops, frozen prawns, frozen berries and fish fingers.  Fish fingers are the only convenience food (apart from the odd really naughty pizza) that I give my kids, basically because its just fish, not reclaimed pink sludge like you get with nuggets and the like.  To be honset they don't really like fish fingers...

I make a lot of spicy prawns or chicken to add to salad, stir fries or vegetable soup.  I make chilli with turkey mince.  I use the frozen fruit in porridge or still frozen in the blender with Greek yoghurt and honey for instant ice cream.

We get through a lot of fruit.  My youngest son eats at least 4 apples a day along with berries, a banana, perhaps an orange or a pear...we call him the fruit bat.  My kids can eat fruit whenever they want, as long as it isn't five minutes before dinner.  They can also help themselves to carrots, and other veg from the fridge too, without asking.

My kids eat what we eat.  I don't make special meals just for them.  Did I mention I don't enjoy cooking?

Anyway, by making sure there isn't any crap in my house, I can't eat it.  Simple.

However, before I leave you all thinking I'm completely innocent all the time, I do have one naughty cupboard.

What's in your naughty cupboard?

Krish x

Friday, 11 May 2012

So, how do I lose weight?

As I've said before, it's simple.  it may not be easy, but it is simple.

I try very hard not to mention the word 'diet' when I am talking about nutrition as the word has been hijacked by a multi-million pound industry that relies on the failure of 'diets', your failure and subsequent dip in self-esteem, to sustain itself.  

It's no good even talking about a healthy, balanced 'diet' as all people hear is the word 'diet' which says 'hungry'; and 'balanced' which says cake and salad.  Instead, I like to talk about nutrition and get back to the bare bones of facts v myths.

So here they are:

  • FACT There is no such thing as a naturally slim person.

They DO NOT exist.  Stop kidding yourself.

People who are slim are that way simply because they take in the same calories as they expend.  It's a simple equation.  Calories in = calories out = stable weight.

That does not mean that all slim people are healthy.  There are plenty of slim people who are physical wrecks.

Sometimes you can tip the balance in your favour just by upping your activity levels but for most people, it is going to involve fewer calories.

But, remember, not all calories are created equal.  Which is why I hate points systems.  They encourage you to look at the caloric intake rather than the nutritional intake.

  • MYTH I've tried every diet and none of them work.

Diets don't work, that's true.
But diets would work if you were to stick to them 100%.  Guaranteed.  Diets don't work because you cheat.
So why do you cheat?
You cheat because most diets are ridiculously unattainable for the vast majority of people.
So, you need a nutrition plan that is so perfectly designed for you, so simple and easy to sustain that you understand you are not on a diet and therefore don't cheat.

You also need to remember that there are no naturally skinny people.  They are that way because of the equation.  No other reason.

So there is going to be an element of control and an element of restraint. You know that eating cakes, pies, pasties, biscuits, mountains of pasta and bread are going to make you fat.  It isn't rocket science.  You know that.  So accept that a bit of it is going to be hard work.  There is no magic wand.
But there is you.  And you are so much stronger than you think you are.

that little voice in your head that says, 'I can't,' is LYING!

So this is why when I talk about food and drink intake, I talk nutrition, not diet, not calories, not points.

I do not believe in counting calories.
I do not believe in a point system.
I do not believe in scales.
I do not believe in quick fixes.
I do not believe in feeling unbearably hungry.

Any nutrition plan that I give you on K-Loss is about making you feel good, giving you the energy you need to lead a fit and active life, giving you the nutrients you need to nourish your body, making it sustainable, achievable and not a misery to follow, while at the same time addressing where it is you are going wrong.  It involves a lot of discussion because each one of you is unique.  You can't just pick up nutrition plan and make it work, it has to be tailored to suit you.

So, do yourself a favour.
Ditch the diets.  Scrap the scales.  Cut the crap and nourish your body how it deserves to be nourished.

Take a long, hard, honest look at your food and drink intake.  You know what you have to do.

But just in case you have forgotten, make a positive start with these tips:

  1. Cut flour
  2. Cut sugar
  3. Cut processed anything
  4. Fill up on fibrous carbs instead of starchy carbs
  5. Never eat or drink low cal, diet, low fat etc products.
I'm not saying it's easy but it is simple.  No excuses.

Krish x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


If you're fed up with starting over, 

stop giving up!

So, what should I eat?

This is a question I get asked a lot.  
More specifically, 'What should I eat to lose my tummy?'  

There's no single answer as everyone is different.  One meal plan may be perfect for one person and impossible to live with for another.  However, there are some simple rules that if you follow them will guarantee you lose fat.  Unfortunately it isn't possible to lose fat from just one area, so as your bum and thighs and stomach shrink, so will your wrists and ankles and... boobs.  Which is good news if you're a man, I guess.

Firstly, let me make myself VERY clear.  I do not believe in diets.  I do not believe in scales.  I do not believe in quick fixes and I do not believe in weight loss for weight loss' sake.  I believe in leading a fit and healthy life. For life.  If you happen to lose a few pounds in the process of taking control of your life, brilliant.  

It means if you are interested in being fit and healthy, for life, you need to change your nutrition habits, mindset and attitudes.  For life.


1     Cut anything that has white flour in it as much as possible; totally if you can.
2     Cut anything that has sugar in it as much as possible; totally if you can.

3     Fill up on fibrous carbs (vegetables) instead of starchy carbs (potatoes and rice)
       they take longer to digest and keep you fuller for longer.
4     Eat protein with every meal.
5     Push away from your food when you are comfortably full.

If you make these changes, you need to remember that this is not a diet.  You are not on a diet.  This isn't something you do for a few weeks until you reach your 'target'.  This is you taking control, making the change and living the difference.  For life.  Forever.

You may have days when you find it hard to stick to nourishing food.  Its important at times like these to see the big picture.  It's not all or nothing.  If you fall off the wagon, you dont have to stay fallen. Get up and get back on it!

If you are fed up with starting over, stop giving up!

If these simple changes don't get rid of your tummy, I've only one thing to say.

You're cheating.  And you know it.

Krish x