Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Traffic stopping, alarm-triggering abs of steel, anyone?

A good, strong core makes everything better.  Your core muscles assist with absolutely everything you do in everyday, normal life - from sitting up and standing up to walking up the stairs and carrying bags of shopping.  A good, strong core will assist you in every exercise you do and every exercise you do can strengthen your core.

Your core muscles sit around your abdomen and your back, they hold your internal organs in place and support your spine.  A good, strong core is the single best way to prevent and cure back problems.  A good strong core is also the best root to killer, traffic-stopping, alarm-triggering abs of steel!

However, you could have a six pack to rival Batman and not be able to see it if it's covered in a layer of fat.  So combine these exercises with my nutrition tips to really sculpt your body.

These are my top 5 favourite core exercises and say goodbye to back pain and hello to that new bikini!

Remember to engage your pelvic floor and core muscles before you begin any exercise for maximum results.  Do each exercise until you can't do any more.

1     Plank
A great exercise for total core stability.  Hold for as long as you can and time yourself so you can hold for a little longer each time you do it.  A fit person should be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes minimum.

2     Side plank
Great for strengthening your obliques, the muscles that run around your sides.  Again, hold for as long as you can on each side and time yourself so you can hold for a little longer each time.

3     Superman
Great for your back and deep muscle core stability and harder than it looks.  Make sure that your legs and arms and torso are all at right angles when you do this and when you raise opposite arm and leg, ensure your hips and shoulders do not raise also.

4     Ab curl
Good for killer abs.  Focus on shortening the distance between your ribs and pelvis rather than lifting your back off the floor.

5     Dead Bug
Good for your lower abdominals.  Make sure yo keep your legs at right angles and that your hips are the only joints that moves, keep your knees still as you lower you feet to the floor and back.  Aslo called 100s because you need to do 100 of them!

There's still time to get that flat tummy in time for the summer.  What are you waiting for?

Krish x


  1. That is good to read as I am doing all those on a 4 week course called (originally) Purely Core. We are (supposed to be) building in daily exercises into our lives: planks and side planks every day and v-sits and dead bug every other day plus cardio 5 times a week.

  2. Wow! Core every day is great. I think cardio 5 times a week would kill me. I prefer resistance exercises - weights and stuff. What cardio do you do?

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