Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Want toned arms?

Want Sarah Connor-from-terminator toned arms?  Do these exercises 3 times a week and see a noticeable difference within weeks!

These exercise are equally good for men and women so long as you use weights heavy enough for you to do 3 sets of between 6 and 8 reps and no more.  If you can do more, the weights aren't heavy enough!

The reason I am going for high weights and low reps - hypertrophy (muscle gain) is because you get much better, much quicker results than if you go for low weights and high reps - endurance.  

Women - it's virtually impossible to bulk up and get great, big muscly arms unless you are on steroids.  These exercises will tone up your arms, giving you long, lean muscles without those bingo wings!

Men, so long as you are using heavy enough weights, your muscles will bulk up more as the men's muscles are shorter and rounder than women's.

So, these are my top exercise for awesome arms, beginning with body-weight exercises that need no weights, moving onto free weight exercises.

Workout 1

1     military press ups (body weight)
2     Triceps dips (body weight)
3     Front shoulder raises 
4     Bicep curls
5     Kickbacks

Workout 2

1     Diamond press ups (body weight)
2     Overhead triceps extension
3     Bent over reverse flys
4     Hammer curls
5     Lateral shoulder raises

Make sure that you mix it up each time you do an arm workout.  So alternate workout one and two so you work the same muscles in a different way each time.

If you have no weights, you can still tone up but the results won't be as noticeable.  Focus on a variety of pressups and triceps dips and if you can find somewhere to do it (a pull up bar at home or monkey bars in the park) do some pull ups and chin ups.  i really recommend investing in a set of weights, you can get them pretty cheaply online.

One last quick bonus exercise - a favourite of mine:

Dragan presses - (curl to press) look online to see how to do them.  Do as many as you can with no rest!  keep count and see if you can beat your score each time.

Krish x


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