Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Top Ten Tips for a healthier life.

Leading a fit and healthy life is easier to achieve if you make a whole series of small changes.  Take them one at a time until you have made a raft changes that have transformed your life!

1. Get used to checking food labels for added sugar rather than fat.  Sugar is much more responsible for weight gain than fat!

2. Focus on what you are drinking, soft drinks as well as alcohol - even fruit juice has loads of hidden sugar with little of the nutritional value of the whole fruit.

3. Move more. Stand more. Sit less. Walk further. Use the stairs. Move faster.

 4. Use your time wisely. When you are a captive audience - 1/2 an hour in front of the TV can be put to such great use. Lift some weights. Do some squats.  What else would you be doing?

 5. Learn to Listen to your body. When are you actually comfortably full?  Push away from your food then, even if it isn't finished.  Take less food initially and have seconds if you're still hungry.

6.  Eat more slowly.  It takes time for your brain to acknowledge you are full; it's no good overeating before your brain has had time to catch up.

7. Eat regularly.  Even if it feels like you don't want to.  Eating regularly means every 2-3 hours. Something nutritious. Not sugary.  It is genuinely one of the best ways to cut your daily calorie intake.

8. Sleep properly. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and don't sleep in too long. Alcohol will disrupt your sleep patterns. You don't need a drink to be able to sleep.

 9. Go outside! So long as you don't burn, sunshine is good for you! Get outside and go for a walk. Find some green. Walk among trees. Even if it's raining.

10. Value yourself enough to treat your body with kindness. Nourish it with unprocessed food. Lubricate your joints, stretch your muscles, nourish your soul and kickstart your metabolism by exercising or at least going for a walk outside and immersing yourself in some nature. Give your body and mind a chance to recharge by sleeping well.

Krish x

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