Saturday, 23 June 2012

Move your goal posts!

There are two sorts of women at my gym: those who are more than happy to parade themselves naked to the shower, regardless of age, size, weight or colour (faked or genuine) and those who are not.

The women who are happy to strip and bare all have one thing in common.  A positive body-image.

Where does one get one of these?

I wonder if one can be developed?

On closer inspection (not close enough to be rude or weird, I hasten to add) I notice there are not many of the types of women at the gym who are not happy to jingle their bits cheerfully in the breeze as they chat and get changed.

I wonder if this is because of the positive buzz these women get from working out, the feeling of achievement and that they are taking control and making a difference.  I wonder if these women have such a positive body-image because they have a positive self-image - because they are proud of themselves.

It seems to me that it doesn't actually matter what you look like; the most beautiful women on earth still hanker after a smaller nose or slimmer thighs.  Why?

In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?  of course not.  When, in however many billions of years, the sun goes supernova and all life on this wonderful planet is extinguished, is it going to matter that Jan had a bit if cellulite and Jean never managed to shift those last few pounds?  Of course not!

How many women, on their death bed, say, 'Do you know, I wish I'd worried about my dimply thighs more.'?  How many do you think say, 'Do you know, I wish I'd worried about my stretch-marked tummy more?'

How many women do you think regret all the things they didn't do or didn't wear because they felt fat or old or too tall or too short?

How many women do you think, on their death bed, say, 'I wish I'd been less fit and healthy?'

It seems to me that as women, we need to change our goal posts.  Our lives should be about the ride, we should be spending our money on experiences rather than things, we should worry less about what we look like and more about how we behave.  We should worry less about being thin and more about being healthy.  We should be less concerned with our flaws and more proud of our achievements!

We need perspective. There are more important things to worry about than the size of our thighs.

If our goals are to lead a fit and healthy life, for life, then size becomes irrelevant.

A positive body-image must stem from a positive self-image and to achieve that we must have a sense of achievement, a sense of pride at a job well-done.  By taking control of our lives and feeling like we have the power to change what we aren't happy with, we build self-esteem and self-worth.

So if you are a little in awe of the women who can bare all, regardless of their inability to act as Cameron Diaz's bottom double, then take control, make a change and do something you feel proud of and jiggle those pasty or dimply thighs, proudly, for all to see!
Krish x

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