Saturday, 16 June 2012

My kids' food diary

My children are 10, 9 and 7.  

I'm not quite as nutritionally strict with my kids as I am with myself but I do limit their flour intake, they very rarely eat bread, they very rarely eat cakes made with flour - they do love the non-flour, non-sugar cakes I make.  I also limit their sugar intake.  They have honey as a sweetener in porridge and I never buy them cereals that have added sugar.  They do have sweets occasionally.

This diary is from a good week, when I haven't been too busy at work and I've been pretty organised.  If I am rushing then they tend to have frozen fish cakes or jacket sweet potatoes with tinned tuna mayo and cheese with salad, which are quick and easy to make - it is not unknown for me to buy thin-crust pizzas for them when I really can't be bothered.

I'm not a big fan of cooking but I do generally cook all their meals from scratch.  They are not fussy eaters because I have never given them a choice.  They get what they are given and they are thankful.  or they go hungry. = )

I also make them cook the dinner occasionally.  They're pretty good!


7.45 am Breakfast:     Bircher muesli.  Porridge oats soaked in orange juice and Greek yoghurt.  Cooked cherries and blueberries with a squirt of honey and toasted almonds and hazelnuts.

12.15 pm Lunch:        Packed lunch - oatcakes with butter and marmite.  1/2 matchbox sized piece of cheddar cheese.  Apple juice.  Greek yoghurt with Ella's Kitchen baby fruit puree.  Organix sugar-free, flour free strawberry bar.   Raisins.  Banana.

4.15 pm Snack:           Sugar-free, flour-free coconut cake.

6.00 pm Dinner:          Jerk chicken, brown rice with peas, broccoli.  Home-made 1 minute ice cream made with Greek yoghurt, frozen berries, fresh mint and honey whizzed in the food processor.


7.45 am Breakfast:     Sugar-free Alpen and semi skimmed milk

12.15 pm Lunch:        Packed Lunch - left over jerk chicken with brown rice salad (added chopped yellow pepper, chopped cucumber and chopped spring onions).  Cherries and berries juice.  Organix sugar-free cocoa oaty fruity bar.  Apple.

3.30 pm Snack:           raw veggies and humous

4.15 pm Snack:           Piece of fruit

6.00 pm Dinner:          baked salmon, un-peeled boiled potatoes, salad.


7.45 am Breakfast:     grilled pork chop, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, poached egg.

12.15 pm lunch:         Packed Lunch:  organix cheese crackers, matchbox sized piece of cheese, sandwich pickle.  Cherries and berries juice.  Organix sugar-free carrot cake oaty fruity bar.  Pear.   Raisins.

3.30 pm snack:           Small packet of mini Oreos and a glass of milk.

4.15 pm snack:           slice of watermelon

6.00 pm Dinner:         turkey mince chilli, brown rice and cottage cheese


7.45 am Breakfast:     Raisin wheats and semi-skimmed milk

12.15 pm Lunch:        Packed lunch - oat cakes and ham.   1/2 matchbox sized piece of cheddar cheese.  Apple juice.  Chopped veggies (carrots, cucumber, yellow pepper and celery) with humous.  Organix sugar-free aple and raspberry bar.   Dried apricots.  Banana.

4.15 pm Snack:          Slice of sugar-free, flour-free lemon drizzle cake.

6.00 pm Dinner:         Fish fingers, potato wedges (un-peeled potatoes baked in a little olive oil) stir-fried veggies.


7.45 am Breakfast:     Sugar-free Alpen and semi-skimmed milk

12.15 pm lunch:          School dinner

3.30 pm Snack:          piece of fruit

6.00 pm Dinner:        Toad in the hole - batter made with gram flour (chickpea flour), peas and celeriac mash.

They eat so well the majority of the time that I try not to fret too much when they do have cakes and crisps and sweets but they genuinely are just as happy to choose an exotic piece of fruit as a treat, have home made popcorn with nothing added and a massive box of raw veggies as they are to have a packet of crisps and a bar of chocolate.

Some weeks I feed them better than others but they very, very rarely eat processed food and the only time they get anything to drink other than water fruit juice, tea or milk is when we eat out and they have a coke or a lemonade (never slimline!).

Hope you find this interesting.

Krish x

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