Monday, 28 May 2012

My food diary

So this is what I typically eat, every day.  I've included a take away and a restaurant meal to show it is possible to make positive choices and eat clean even when someone else is cooking.

It is harder to do when you go to a friend's house for dinner or a barbecue and not come across as rude - but not impossible.  Make sure you say, when accepting an invitation, anything that you are avoiding at the moment just as you would if your were vegetarian or allergic to nuts.

Hope this is interesting - this is a pretty typical week.  I (almost all the time) don't eat anything made from flour - that includes bread, cakes, pies, pasta etc. and I don't eat anything with sugar in.  My philosophy being I don't want to go hungry, so if I cut out anything that is bad, I can eat as much as I want of what's left!

Times are approximate.

8.00 am Breakfast:
Bircher muesli - oats soaked in orange juice, a little semi-skimmed milk and Greek yoghurt, with cooked blueberries and cherries and a little honey to sweeten, topped with toasted hazelnuts and almonds.
10.15 am Snack:
2 bananas
12.15 pm Lunch:
3 oatcakes with humous and cottage cheese
chopped raw veggies - carrots, cucumber, celery and yellow pepper
Greek yoghurt with fruit puree (I use Ella's kitchen baby food - no added sugar, just fruit)
4.00 pm Snack:
Apple, 2 handfuls of mixed almonds, pecans and hazelnuts
6.00 pm Snack:
1/2 small chicken breast and raw veggies
8.00 pm Dinner:
Spicy king prawns and salad
9.00 Snack:
2 apples

I factor in a snack at 6pm because that is when I feed the kids and I usually finish off what they don't eat.  Why fight it?  If that's what I'm going to do anyway - show me a mum who doesn't - then embrace it!

I also wouldn't normally have 2 bananas for a snack but a child peeled one and gave it to me at playtime after I'd already eaten one - I just can't see how 2 bananas is going to be bad for anyone!

I also normally have a bowl of chopped up veggies in the fridge and a bowl of nuts on the side that I can just graze on throughout the day - so when I say they are for a snack, sometimes I've just been dipping into them over the course of a few hours.

8.00 am Breakfast:
Bircher muesli
10.30 am Snack:
peanut butter, oatcake and cottage cheese
12.00 pm Lunch:
Chicken breast and salad
3.30 pm Snack:
Apple and two handfuls of mixed almonds, pecans and hazelnuts
6.00 pm Snack:
2 handfuls of mixed nuts
8.00 pm Dinner:
3 slices of thin crust pizza with goats cheese and spinach and 1/2 the amount of regular cheese
1 spoonful of Ben and Jerrie's ice cream
9.00 pm Snack:
apple and a banana

7.30 Breakfast:
4 daddy pancakes and marmite (oats, egg and cottage cheese fried in a little butter)
10.00 am Snack:
2 handfuls of mixed almonds, hazelnuts and pecans
12.30 pm Lunch:
Spicy prawns and raw veggies
2.30 pm Snack:
Apple, Greek yoghurt and fruit puree
6.00 pm Dinner:
Chicken tikka (starter not main), lentil daal, cottage cheese cubes on creamy sauce, one chocolate mint.

7.00 am Breakfast:
Sugar-free Alpen and semi-skimmed milk. Coffee.
10.00 am Snack:
Apple and a handful of mixed nuts, smoothie

1.30 pm Lunch:
Chicken tikka pieces, cous cous with black olives, cucumber, red pepper and capers, tuna mayo with grated cheese and chopped gherkins. Celery.
2.30 pm Snack:
Gin and (full fat) tonic

6.30 pm Dinner:
turkey mince chilli and cottage cheese
8.00 pm Snack:

7.45 am Breakfast:
Sugar-free Alpen and semi-skimmed milk
11.30 am Snack:
chopped up raw veggies and humous
12.30 pm Lunch:
Cold salmon fillet and salad
4.00 pm Snack:
Chopped up raw veggies and almonds
6.00 pm Snack:
Hard boiled egg and mayonnaise
8.00 pm Dinner:
Chilli and Greek yoghurt
9.00 pm Snack:

Krish x

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