Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Shades of Grey

No, not that sort!

You can clean up your nutrition without going to the lengths we have gone to.  If Paleo doesn't float your boat, it's still easy enough to clean up your act by cutting sugar and limiting starchy carbs, especially later on in the day.

Limit anything that has an ingredients list and you're on your way to eating clean!

You also don't have to train every day to get results.  Over the summer holidays, it wasn't possible for me to get to the gym at all and I find it really hard to motivate myself in the garage so my workouts were a little pathetic and definitely half-hearted.  I didn't push myself as hard as I normally do but what I did do was still heavy (heavy for me!).

However, after 6 weeks of having done very little in the gym, I had lost no muscle tone and could do more chin ups than I could at the beginning of the summer!

Of course, it depends entirely on what your goals are and where you are starting from but it certainly doesn't take every day pounding the streets or hitting the gym to get good muscle tone.

The most important thing is nutrition.  

If you eat clean, you're going to look lean.  

Simple as that.  Sure, lifting weights is going to make that easier - you'll have a higher muscle to fat ratio which will burn calories so much more easily than a high fat to muscle ratio and it will tone those muscles giving you definition but you aren't going to see the results of your work until you cut your body fat percentage, which you are only going to do with nutrition.

So while you have to lift heavy and you have to lift regularly, it doesn't have to be every day, which is good news if you find it hard to make time for a workout.  Pick one or two times a week and make the time you can give count!

It's not all or nothing, there are shades of grey between!

Krish xx


  1. Wow I want your stomach!!! I have definitely seen a difference since starting my paleo challenge and think its something I will probably continue with!

  2. How's your paleo challenge coming along?