Thursday, 6 September 2012

It's not just about nutrition!

So I've sorted out our nutrition.  We all sleep well, we don't stay up late.  I'm a sun-lover but make sure we don't burn.  I lift heavy weights; all that's left is to add in a little more play and...cardio.

I'm not a massive fan of cardio.  I find even ten minutes on the cross trainer to be way too much and I do not understand the people who pound away for ages on the treadmill when the sun is shining outside!

I have run.  I ran 10k but I do not like to run.  I like that I am able to run or that I have been for a run but I don't really like the actual running art.  I don't think think it's a particularly natural pass time for a mammal to run for a prolonged period of time.  When I say this, I am generally greeted with - ah, but what about wolves? They run all day!  Well, wolves do jog for around 8-10 hours a day at around 5 mph.  But as they can also reach speeds of around 30-35 mph in short bursts, it is clear that 5mph is pretty slow for a wolf - perhaps the equivalent of a walk to us bipeds...

Any way, I don't like long runs and I have read that running longer than 45 minutes actually increases the release of cortisol which enables the body to conserve fat stores more efficiently.  This is generally counter-productive.

So in order to up my cardio levels without running for prolonged periods or getting on the mind-numbing and ineffective cross trainer, I like to warm up on the rower at the gym - a great all over body workout and alternate my gym workouts with short half hour cross-training-type runs.  These involve gentle jogging interspersed with short sprints, a quick set of pressups or pull ups or jumps up and off a bench as I pass.

So that's me sorted, what about the kids?

Well, we are lucky enough to live in a really beautiful part of the world and so we try to take full advantage of what's on offer around us!
What do you do to add primal to your day?

Having fun on Pirate Granddad's boat!
Splashing with the fish at
Sheffield Park
What do we do when we see stairs?
Playing 40-40 in Nightingale
Swimming at Pells Pool in Lewes
Enjoying a paleo snack outside

Hanging like monkeys at Wakehurst place

Making obstacle courses on the field
Next to School
Discovering new walks near Uckfield

Charging about at Wilderness Woods

Having fun in Wilderness Woods

Lifting heavy in the garage
Getting primal in Brighton
Checking out Lewes Castle

Playing by the sea in Brighton
Going for walks in the Ashdown Forest
Or just climbing up the door frame!

Or splashing in puddles!


  1. I am trying to add some more cardio into my routine, I used to run everyday but over the past few years that totally stopped! But I am forcing myself : )

    You must live near me!

  2. I'm just not a fan of cardio but I do recognise I need to do a little more. I suppose it's best if you can incorporate it into your everyday life, like my husband runs to the station - he has to get there anyway, he might as well run. I just don't reckon we need to beat ourselves up while we do it.
    Where abouts are you? We are in Uckfield, East Sussex.
    Thanks for your comments, it's nice to hear from you! X