Sunday, 23 September 2012

My Son's Food Diary

My youngest son's homework this week was to keep 
a food diary for the week. 

If you are interested in how to feed your kids on a paleo diet in the 21st century, or what to feed them for breakfast instead of cereal or toast, then this will make interesting reading.

Check out his blog anyway - I think it's pretty cute. - it kept him busy over the summer.

My kids are part of the reason I like to bake paleo cakes and donuts and waffles and pancakes - I have had 41 years of eating cakes and donuts and waffles and pancakes and while I know they are not the best thing for my kids, I know they feel they are missing out on things their friends have. By making them paleo alternatives, it keeps them on board.

To be honest, I've been really surprised how quickly they adapted to the paleo life and how they are even beginning to think about healthier choices when it is down to them to choose. They were asked to pick a take-away the other day - they are allowed to make their own choices when out of the house or when we eat at a restaurant or have a take-away - and my eldest chose Indian because he figured it was the easiest take-away to eat with paleo choices!

Any way, this is what I fed my kids last week - I hope you find it interesting.

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