Wednesday, 9 May 2012

So, what should I eat?

This is a question I get asked a lot.  
More specifically, 'What should I eat to lose my tummy?'  

There's no single answer as everyone is different.  One meal plan may be perfect for one person and impossible to live with for another.  However, there are some simple rules that if you follow them will guarantee you lose fat.  Unfortunately it isn't possible to lose fat from just one area, so as your bum and thighs and stomach shrink, so will your wrists and ankles and... boobs.  Which is good news if you're a man, I guess.

Firstly, let me make myself VERY clear.  I do not believe in diets.  I do not believe in scales.  I do not believe in quick fixes and I do not believe in weight loss for weight loss' sake.  I believe in leading a fit and healthy life. For life.  If you happen to lose a few pounds in the process of taking control of your life, brilliant.  

It means if you are interested in being fit and healthy, for life, you need to change your nutrition habits, mindset and attitudes.  For life.


1     Cut anything that has white flour in it as much as possible; totally if you can.
2     Cut anything that has sugar in it as much as possible; totally if you can.

3     Fill up on fibrous carbs (vegetables) instead of starchy carbs (potatoes and rice)
       they take longer to digest and keep you fuller for longer.
4     Eat protein with every meal.
5     Push away from your food when you are comfortably full.

If you make these changes, you need to remember that this is not a diet.  You are not on a diet.  This isn't something you do for a few weeks until you reach your 'target'.  This is you taking control, making the change and living the difference.  For life.  Forever.

You may have days when you find it hard to stick to nourishing food.  Its important at times like these to see the big picture.  It's not all or nothing.  If you fall off the wagon, you dont have to stay fallen. Get up and get back on it!

If you are fed up with starting over, stop giving up!

If these simple changes don't get rid of your tummy, I've only one thing to say.

You're cheating.  And you know it.

Krish x

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