Friday, 25 May 2012

Top 5 Nutrition Secrets

At no point ever do I condone diets.  I have said this before.  They don't work, they are unsustainable, they are often counter-productive and they can range from the utterly pointless to the downright dangerous.

Instead, there are plenty of sensible, easy, non-nonsense ways to eat clean.  I have covered what to eat in previous posts, in this one I am going to cover a few tricks on how to eat.  If you find it hard to push away from the table when you are comfortably full or you find it hard not to binge on unhealthy snacks here are some tips to help you ditch the diets, scrap the scales and cut the crap for good.

1     Don't buy unhealthy snacks.
2     Don't use transparent containers.
3     Don't get BOGOF food.
4     Use smaller plates.
5     Focus on your meal.

Let's look at these in more detail.

1     Don't buy unhealthy snacks.
Just don't buy them.  Don't have them in the house.  If they aren't there, you can't eat them.  And don't use your kids or your wife or your husband as an excuse!  Why would you decide to nourish your own body with healthy food but not bother for the rest of your family?
2     Don't use transparent containers.
If you insist on buying things you know you shouldn't, then store them out of sight, in an opaque container, on the top shelf of the cupboard.  Research has shown that the less the food is on show, the less likely you are to eat it.  Blue is the best colour as it is an appetite suppressant.

3     Don't get BOGOF food
Research has also shown that the more food you have stockpiled the more you will eat, so that great buy-one-get-one-free deal, while halving your budget is doubling your calorie intake!  Even if it's free, if you only went in for one, make sure you only come out with one!
4     Use smaller plates
Research proves that our brains' decision about whether or not to stop eating is governed by a very simple question: have I finished my food?  So if we have an enormous plate of food, we will eat much more until we 'feel' full than if we have a smaller plate of food.  Cut your portion sizes or cut your plate size and cut your calorie intake without being left feeling hungry.
5     Focus on your meal
You will, studies have shown, eat more while you are distracted.  That distraction could be television, radio, reading a book, chatting with friends, anything that takes your mind off your meal.  If you want to cut the amount you are eating, turn off the TV and focus on your food.

Try these tips along with my nutrition advice to ditch the diets, scrap the scales and cut the crap, for good!

Krish x


  1. The article which has been posted is simply impressive and interesting. I must appreciate the writer who shown good efforts by posting such an informative article here. I wasn’t very aware of this topic but after reading this post, I completely got the idea about the topic.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. I'm glad what I write is informative.
    krish x

  3. Wow! Buying non-transparent containers is one easy way. Good to know this secret. :)