Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sneaky peek into my kitchen

I thought you might find it interesting to see what my family and I eat.  I thought I'd show you the contents of my kitchen.  My fridge and cupboards are filled with things that someone with no will power should fill their kitchen with.  There's virtually nothing naughty in here that I can eat and regret later.  

You do have a choice, when you shop, what you buy.  

This is the contents of my kitchen.

Some of it is chilled dairy - cottage cheese, eggs and Greek yoghurt and most of the rest of it is vegetables and salad.

I eat a lot of cottage cheese, it's a good source of protein that doesn't need cooking, which is good as I am incredibly lazy and despise cooking.  I also like a small pot Greek yoghurt with Ella's Kitchen baby food squirted into it.  This is because I like fruity yoghurt but I don't want added sugar and the baby food is just pureed fruit.  It's convenient and tasty and a really filling snack.

I tend to chop up half a cucumber, 1 yellow pepper, 3 sticks of celery and 2 large carrots to eat over the course of the day.   This is a really important source of carbohydrate for me as I don't eat a lot of starchy carbs (virtually no potatoes or rice, never pasta, never bread or anything with flour in).

None of my dairy is low fat.  Low fat products often have a lot of added sugar and they don't fill you up in the same way full fat does, so you end up eating more.

Remember not all calories are created equal.  there's nothing wrong with full fat.  So long as you aren't gorging on whipped cream and pork fat for every meal, you're going to be OK.

I also eat a lot of nuts. They are full of good fat and protein and are a great snack if you're looking for a crunch.

This cupboard has home-made oatcakes and store bought for in case I run out.  I don't think I could live without oatcakes.

There's some rye Ryveta for quick lunches, some miso soup for a quick snack and tons of nuts.  Honey and agave nectar for sweeteners instead of sugar.  Still fairly high in calories but far less processed and give you less of the sugar highs and subsequent dips.

As you can see, a lot of my life is spent snacking, that way I never get hungry.  I am very grouchy when I'm hungry.  Ask my family.

You can see some cocoa, good for making things chocolatey without the sugar and some dark chocolate at the back.  The kids do like chocolate sauce with their oaty banana pancakes at the weekend.

Tinned tomatoes, chickpeas, tuna, pineapple chunks.  Nothing to see here.  Chickpeas are used in either chilli or lemon drizzle cake or blueberry cupcakes.

This is my baking cupboard.  Mostly brown sugar and a little caster sugar for visitors or the odd 'real' cake we make.
There is oatbran  that can be added to anything really for a little extra roughage.  There is gram flour (from chickpeas) that I use for toad-in-the-hole for the kids instead of wheat flour.
There's rye flour for times when I really need flour.  Right at the back, you'll find some plain and self raising wheat flour but it is very rarely used.

There's also dries fruit in here, rasisins, sultanas, figs, dates, apricots.  Nice to add a bit of sweetness to mixed nuts.

This cupboard is filled with rices of all kinds.  I don't tend to eat rice but the kids like to have brown rice with their chilli or as their main starchy carb.

There are lentils, my daughter loves lentil soup!  There's quinoa and cous cous, popping corn and wholewheat pasta.  I don't eat pasta either but when I make it for the kids, even when they have friends over, this is what I use.

Olive oil.  Coconut oil.  A variety of vinegars.  Soy sauce.  I don't know what the sunflower oil is for. I never use it...

Freezer is filled with chicken, minced turkey, pork chops, frozen prawns, frozen berries and fish fingers.  Fish fingers are the only convenience food (apart from the odd really naughty pizza) that I give my kids, basically because its just fish, not reclaimed pink sludge like you get with nuggets and the like.  To be honset they don't really like fish fingers...

I make a lot of spicy prawns or chicken to add to salad, stir fries or vegetable soup.  I make chilli with turkey mince.  I use the frozen fruit in porridge or still frozen in the blender with Greek yoghurt and honey for instant ice cream.

We get through a lot of fruit.  My youngest son eats at least 4 apples a day along with berries, a banana, perhaps an orange or a pear...we call him the fruit bat.  My kids can eat fruit whenever they want, as long as it isn't five minutes before dinner.  They can also help themselves to carrots, and other veg from the fridge too, without asking.

My kids eat what we eat.  I don't make special meals just for them.  Did I mention I don't enjoy cooking?

Anyway, by making sure there isn't any crap in my house, I can't eat it.  Simple.

However, before I leave you all thinking I'm completely innocent all the time, I do have one naughty cupboard.

What's in your naughty cupboard?

Krish x

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