Wednesday, 17 July 2013

So what can you do?

I was speaking to a very lovely lady this morning who has recently lost 3 stone. I asked her how she had done it and her answer was so refreshing.

There was no faddy diet, no book or plan or pills or bars or soups, no calorie or point counting - she said she had just cut the crap.

No more bread and potatoes, no more sugar.  Processed food has gone.

There you have it.  Common sense in action and working!

Following on from my previous post, if you have decided that you genuinely want to make the change more than you want a chocolate eclair, packet of crisps or sausage roll, whatever your vice is, then read on.  This is what you have to do.   (click here!)

If you don't want to do it, that is totally fine.

But don't complain about the results your not seeing with all the work you're not doing! 


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