Saturday, 9 February 2013


It's amazing the power of competition! The walls in my gym are covered with clients' scores from mountain climber records to press ups in 4 minutes. Competition is a great way to motivate yourself - even if you're only in competition with yourself!

Monica from Friends couldn't put it better:
Phoebe: Well, think about it! Think about it! You'll be trying to top what you did last year. You'd be in competition... with yourself!
Monica: That's my favourite kind!

Having said that, a bit of healthy competition between others can really push you to reach heights you wouldn't necessarily set for tourself. In that spirit, my husband, Russ, is throwing down the gauntlet!

He is offering a reward of £100 to anyone who can beat him in a weight loss competition!

This competition is open to all my current clients and new clients for either Personal Training or Nutrition Management Sessions. Unfortunately, it is not open to online clients.

The competition begins on Monday 18th February.  All participants will be weighed on the same scales and records kept. You may join the competition at any time but the sooner you start, the more weight you will be able to record losing!

The competition closes on Sunday 31st June, where each contestant will be weighed during the week running up to that date. The winner will be the one who has lost the most weight since their first weigh-in.

Nutrition management sessions are currently £30 a month so if you win the competition, you could get 4 months for just £20!

So if you want to get ripped for the summer but are lacking the motivation, sign up for Nutrition Management Sessions and get the support and competition you need to succeed!

Have a look here for more information on Nutrition Management with K-Loss.

Good luck!

Krish and Russ x

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