Saturday, 6 April 2013

What happens in my gym?

Here is a collection of pictures taken in our little garage gym.

Our little garage gym

Katie gets ready to deadlift 40kg and does inverted push ups

 Chrissie squats 45kg - 3kg off her body weight!

Katie and Gemma discuss how tough they are.

Most of the time it's hard work but occasionally you have to break out the stability ball for a bit of a laugh!  Katherine does Romanian deadlifts, while Katie does pistol squats with the TRX and Gemma does burpees!

Handstands are the order of the day at the moment - we are working towards handstand push ups!

It's not just grown ups in the gym either.  One of my youngest clients, 11 year-old Sienna, did 100 5kg Dragan presses the other day!  You don't mess with her, if you know what's good for you!  And 11 year-old Zackary did 300 TRX mountain climbers in one go without stopping, while Liv did 5 minutes of burpees without stopping.  They set the bar high!

Zack gets ready to join the circus!

Russ after a particularly strenuous 3 bars of death workout!

Normally, I find it hard to motivate myself in my own gym and so I go to the gym up the road to workout. But during the school holidays, as I can't leave the kids, I don't get to workout at my local gym.  Usually, that means I do a few half-hearted workouts in the garage and end up miserable by the end of the holidays.  So this Easter, I enlisted the support of a friend of mine who used to be a PT.  She has come round a couple of times so far and forced me to do way more than I ever can motivate myself to do in the garage!

We made up a little metabolic workout that I would have got half way through before abandoning and she made me do three sets!

It was tough.

I hated her.  But I'm so glad she came over!

Happy rest of the Easter holidays, everyone!

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