Saturday, 14 September 2013

New Term, New Start

It's lovely to see my clients back again after a summer break.  Many of them have been keeping up with some of the workouts I posted on the blog to keep their fitness and strength levels up over the summer.

If you don't use it, you lose it, after all!

My job is incredibly rewarding.  I always enjoyed my job as a teacher and training adults, while very different to teaching 30 8 year-olds, has a lot of similarities.  i love getting people to do things they didn't think were possible.  I love seeing people achieve goals and then exceeding those goals!  I love seeing people taking control of their fitness and nutrition and ultimately their lives!

This is what Jo and Jude achieved this week in my little gym.  Each week, chin ups and press ups are becoming easier but this week was the first time either of them had done box jumps.  We started with the 20 inch side o the box and after only a little hesitation both women totally smashed it!

 It's such a great feeling to look at an obstacle, worry that you cannot surmount it, decide that perhaps you can and then to do it!

We spoke at the beginning of the session about what women see when they look in the mirror and how our self-image is wholly reliant on our achievements.  The more we achieve and feel proud of ourselves, the better the image we see in the mirror!

Achievements for mums can be as small as not yelling at our kids under considerable pressure when they are deliberately winding us up, or managing to get them to school on time without a melt down obviously, all mums are achieving waaaaaaay more than this every day!

A new client of mine (who I am really looking forward to working with) told me how, after losing a significant amount of weight on a horrible sounding diet with packets of calorie restricted 'food', she didn't look at the slimmer her in the mirror and feel proud of herself and impressed with her achievements, she still saw wobbly bits and bits she wanted to be rid of.  I propose that had she lost the weight through a combination of re-education, a change of lifestyle and healthy nutrition and exercise, she would have had a lot more to be proud of and would gave seen a totally different person in the mirror.

So come on everyone!  Do something today that makes you feel proud, that makes you feel like you've achieved something and revel in the strong you you see in the mirror.

Let's stop beating ourselves up about our size and shape and get proactive instead!

Have a look at some of the workouts on this blog and address your nutrition!

Ditch the diets, scrap the scales and cut the crap!


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