Sunday, 26 January 2014

Little Show Monkey

In this blog post, I have a little show-monkey, one of my younger PT clients, who is going to demonstrate some of the exercises she does during a personal training session with me.  

In this first video, she is practising her back squat.  This is a great exercise for your quads, hamstrings and glutes (thighs and bum) as well as core.


Here she is practising her clean and press.  This is a great exercise as it uses all your muscle groups and as it is transferring weight from the bottom to the top, really makes your core work hard.

In this clip, she is practising a regular chest press up, a military press up and a spiderman pressup.  the press up is the king of exercises!

In this video, my little show monkey practises her sumo squat to high pull - this is a great exercise to simulate rowing if you don't have a river or a rowing machine to hand.

Here she is practising her pull ups - she is getting really good at them.  We have a very strong elastic band that adults and kids can use to assist them.  Pull ups and chin ups are great exercises for your back and arms and are a real test of upper body strength.

I hope you like my little show monkey's videos.  Don't ever cross her - she's tough!

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