Thursday, 19 July 2012

One of my current workouts

As my working hours vary from week to week, I am never sure how often or how regularly I am going to be able to get to the gym, so I always do a full body workout rather than splitting my muscle groups.

If I can't get to my local gym, I can work out on the garage in our little home gym but personally, I am more focused and hard-working away from home. I would like to get to the gym around 3 or 4 times a week. Recently, I've only had time for around 2 or 3 so I try to make each workout count.

This is the workout I did today in the gym - it usually takes around an hour - I don't loiter, I move quickly from one set to another.

Warm up
3 minutes on the Rowing Machine
2 1/2 minutes above 35 s/p/m
1/2 a minute at above 40 s/p/m

I like the rower because it is a total body warm up, using every muscle.
I don't do more than 3 minutes, just enough to get hot,
out of breath and sweaty.

Dynamic Stretches -
I do some shoulder and hip dynamic stretches before I start lifting any weights

Resistance work -
I start with arms
At the moment, I'm a big fan of Dragan Presses
You have to pick a weight you can do 100 with.  It's hard so I always start with these rather than ending with them.
100 x 9kg Dragan presses - no rest

This normally knackers out my arms so I move onto legs.

12 reps x 25kg bar bell squats
followed straight away by 10 Bulgarian split squats on each leg
30 second rest between sets - 3 sets

3 sets of 25kg deadlifts

Next I move onto chest and back

3 sets of 8 reps of 14kg dumb bell chest press
30 second rest between sets

3 sets of 10 reps of 20kg bent over bar bell rows

3 sets of 8 reps 8kg flys

Mix in some abs

Twisted sit ups - 26
fast up - super slow down sit ups - 8

Arms have had a rest by now so I do 3 supersets of

8 reps 6kg shoulder raises (bent over lat raises, front or lat shoulder raises)
supersetted with 10 reps of 6kg triceps kickbacks
30 seconds rest beween sets - 3 sets

8 reps 17.5kg triceps pull down on the cable machine
supersetted with 8 reps of 12.5kg bicep curls on the cable machine
30 seconds rest between sets - 3 sets

Body weight dips - 2 sets of 6
Chin ups - 10kg assistance - 2 sets of 6

Core Stability

Hamstring bridges on stability ball - 2 sets of 20

Back extensions on stability ball - 2 sets of 20

Ab crunches on stability ball - 2 sets of 20

Post Stretches

A variety of developmental and maintenance stretches depending on what was worked really hard today.

There are a lot of exercises here and sometimes I don't do all of them and sometimes I mix in some machines instead of free weights.

This is basically the workout I am doing at the moment but I am upping the weights often.

I recently upped the weights significantly and dropped the reps - meaning less time spent on each set and more progression and adaptation - better results!

Perhaps in a few weeks this will become stale and I will mix it up with something different.

When I change my workout significantly, I'll post the changes.

I'll also post the workout I do at home in the garage - as that is more of a Tabata style workout and it uses kettle bells as well.

Hope you find this interesting and/or useful.

Krish x

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