Sunday, 2 June 2013


This week sees the start of K-Loss FitClub, a fitness class that focuses on genuinely effective exercises that use functional movements designed to make everyday life easier.

FitClub is running at Ridgewood Village Hall, Uckfield on Wednesday mornings from 8.50am and on Fridays at Forresters Hall, Uckfield from 9am.

So come along with your friends and have some fun getting fit!
Contact me to book your place!

How much does FitClub cost?

It is £5 a week, drop-in cost or you can make a £10 saving by buying a block of 10 sessions for £40, which can be used for any FitClub sessions on any days for three months after the purchase date.

Why should I come to FitClub?
Because I won’t lie to you.  I’m not going to tell you that coming to my exercise class once or twice a week will make you look like Kylie but I will make sure that the exercises you do are genuinely worthwhile, beneficial, functional and effective!

What will FitClub do for me?
FitClub is all about functional movement – that is exercises that help every day life to remain easy or become easier, like getting up from a chair, loading a car, walking up a hill or playing football with your kids. 

FitClub can help you make significant changes to your flexibility, fitness, stamina, energy levels and health. 

What exercises will we do at FitClub?
We will focus on a few crucial, body-weight exercises that are fundamental to developing mobility and strength: including the squat, the press up and core exercises, which can help alleviate back pain. 

All these exercises are scaled for your ability; so don’t worry about anything being too hard – they should be just hard enough!

We will combine these resistance exercises with aerobic exercises to work your heart and lungs to improve stamina and endurance, further making everyday tasks easier.

What is the homework all about?
Each week, I will set a challenge to be completed before you come to the next session.  This is because doing exercise once a week isn’t really enough.  It’s a start and it’s certainly better than nothing but if you exercise regularly and consistently, you will see better results.  Of course, it’s up to you if you do it or not but the more you do, the better you will feel.

What about nutrition?
Exercise is a great start to either maintaining a healthy lifestyle or to improving your health.  The trouble is, there is no way you can out-train poor nutrition.  This means if you want to get the best from your exercise class, you need to eat well!

Eating clean means avoiding food that comes in packets with lists of ingredients, trying to limit sugar and products that contain sugar and reducing products that contain flour.

I won’t dictate to you what you should and shouldn’t be eating but if you would like more info on nutrition, I can give you some pointers or if you would like focused support, I offer Nutrition Management sessions for £30 a month.

Please make sure you have had a good breakfast before you come.

What should I bring to FitClub?
Bring a positive attitude and enthusiasm; bring a bottle of water and an exercise mat if you have one, oh and all your friends!


  1. Good luck! I hope it goes well x

  2. Ah! Thank you! First one was today and it was great! A few achey legs tomorrow, I think! Ha ha!