Thursday, 14 November 2013

Why this PT says, 'You don't need a PT!'

Before I began my health and fitness journey in 2011, like a great number of people, I believed that I too could have the perfect figure if only I had a Personal Trainer, like all the film stars have.  Of course I could eat healthy and exercise if someone were telling me to!  It'd be easy!

But is it that simple?  

Now that I'm a Personal Trainer, I can tell my clients how to exercise and what to eat.  I can push them hard for the sessions they spend with me each week.

But is that enough?

Just saying you have a Personal Trainer is not enough.  You can't just talk the talk and expect to get ripped through osmosis.  You have to walk the walk.  You have to turn up.  You have to turn up and you have to work hard.  And you can't rely on one session a week to get you the 'toning' results everyone seems to be after - you need to put in some out of hours effort too.

You need to eat right - abs are, after all, made in the kitchen.  There simply aren't enough hours in the day to work off some of the meals and snacks you can eat in one sitting!

And if I have to nag you to turn up, then you aren't committed.  And if you aren't committed, then your health and fitness won't be sustained.

As a Personal Trainer, I make very good use of the skills I learnt when I was a teacher.

I am a facilitator - my aim as a teacher and now a PT, is to foster independent learning - in other words, my job as a Personal Trainer is to get you to believe in yourself.  To get you to love exercise and healthy eating so much that you are able to sustain it without my constant attention.  My job as a Personal Trainer is to get you to be amazed by the things you can do that you never imagined you were capable of and to get such a buzz from this that you keep on wanting to improve.  

When this happens, you see impromptu days off, that mean you can come to an extra class a week, as super-lucky!

When this happens you see unscheduled appointments, that you can't get out of and mean you have to miss a session, as genuinely frustrating!

When this happens, I don't need to nag you to turn up because you are committed!

You don't need a PT to get fit and healthy, you just need walk your talk!

NB: obviously I realise I'm talking myself out of a job here - so I'll just add the caveat that a PT has the knowledge and experience to help focus and personalise your exercises and the ability to push you hard so that you get much more out of each session than were you to work out on your own  = )


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