Wednesday, 18 January 2012

To drink or not to drink?

I was a little shocked, recently, to hear on the news that we are being advised to have two days off alcohol a week.  The implication being that we are drinking alcohol every day of the week.  If this is the case, no wonder so many of us have trouble shifting the pounds.

I am often asked if giving up alcohol altogether is part of our nutrition plan.

It depends what your goals are.  The nutrition plan that Russ and I have developed is a nutrition plan for life.  It is not a 6 week diet and it is not something to be dipped in and out of.  As a result, we tried to make it as sustainable as possible.  That means that while you are on the fat-loss program, you need to stick pretty much 100% to it.  Once you have reached your target size, you can move onto the maintenance part of the nutrition guide.  This means you can be more flexible whilst still remaining within the key principles of the plan.

The point of this is that many people find they are yo-yo dieting.  We want to avoid this by changing eating habits for a healthier life.  For life.

So, if you are on the fat-loss program, the answer is: no alcohol.

If you are on the maintenance program and you don't want to pile on the pounds again, then you are going to have to have more than 2 days off alcohol a week.

Krish x

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