Sunday, 8 January 2012

Where to Start?

I guess this is the question that most people ask themselves when they think about losing some fat. If they could just figure out what to do they could get on with it. Well, actually it is fairly simple but it takes you to make a decision. The decision  is this: No matter what, I am committed to making a change.

You need to commit to this, you need to realise that no one but you can do this. Even your loved ones can't really help. They may be supportive but they can't help and in reality they are also the people most likely to put temptation in your way. "Shall we get a pizza?", "Don't work out tonight just get some chocs and lets watch a film." etc. Realise this early and make a commitment, realise that others will throw barriers in your way and be prepared for it.

Once people do make their commitment they then make the biggest mistake of all: "I know! I'll go running!" This is single handedly the worst thing that people can do for some very key reasons:

1) They aren't going to be able to run very far because they are overweight and unfit leading to demotivation and failure, not to mention they will only burn a handful of calories. Just google the percentage of January gym joiners that drop out in March.

2) They are overweight and so running simply hurts and they risk injury.

Fortunately none of this is necessary. Stay tuned and I'll tell you exactly what to do and there'll be no running, I promise!

I just want you to make that commitment, do it now and repeat it to yourself over and over again.


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