Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Have you given up yet?

Did you know, over a third (36%) of women and 28% of men will break their New Year’s resolutions this week?  In 2012 the average New Year’s resolution only lasted 7½ weeks and the average new exercise routine lasted 12 weeks!

The best way to make a new year’s resolution stick is by making whatever it is part of your life - part of your daily routine. 

This year, 41% of women vowed to do more exercise, 35% are attempting to eat more healthily and 13% pledged to learn a new skill! 

Apparently, the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2013 for men & women were:
1.            Do more exercise (37%)
2.            Eat more healthily (30%)
3.            Learn a new skill (12%)
4.            Have more sex (11%)
5.            Drink less alcohol (11%)
6.            Find a new job (11%)
7.            Be nicer to people (9%)
8.            Stop smoking (7%)
9.            Find love (6%)
10.          Eat Breakfast (4%)

What was your new year’s resolution?  Have you kept it so far?  Is it part of your routine yet?

‘To do more exercise’ topped the list of new year’s resolutions and yet look at the list of excuses people give for not doing exercise!
1.            I don’t have the time (38%)
2.            It was too cold/dark to leave the house (23%)
3.            It was too expensive (21%)
4.            I thought it was boring (18%)
5.            I thought if I rested on a particular day, I would exercise more the next
day (7%)
6.            I didn’t want other gym members to see me red and sweaty (4%)
7.            I had just washed my hair/sports kit (4%)
8.            I didn’t want to carry my sports kit around (2%)
9.            If I went for a run, I may get lost (1%)
10.          I thought too much exercise was bad for me (1%)

I’ve found a series of BRILLIANT videos that might help some of you add a bit of activity to your daily routine that feature fitness LEGEND, Mr. Motivator and Strictly star, Denise Van Outen.  They’ve made a series of Two Minute Mover exercise videos, showing how easy it can be to fit a little HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) into your daily routine – check them out on www.youtube.com/QuakerOatsUK

Each morning, you can come back, click on the video you want to try out, and while the kettle’s boiling, your coffee is brewing, your porridge is bubbling or your lamb chops are grilling and eggs are poaching, you can get moving!  It’s actually a really good way to up your activity levels by making it part of your daily routine.

Perhaps the awesome vision of vigour that is Mr. Motivator will help you stick to your resolutions this year! 


  1. Laughing at 'Have more sex' being number four! That's my new resolution! :)

  2. Ha ha! If you do it right, you can kill two birds with one stone and get more exercise too! Ha ha ha!