Thursday, 24 January 2013

tequila weekend

This weekend I am escaping!  It is my oldest and bestest friend Robyn's 40th birthday and so tomorrow I am driving to Bristol to meet another best friend, Rachel, and staying 2 nights in a hotel with no children!

That's right!

So how will paleo mum cope on a weekend away with the girls?

I am a little anxious actually.  Meals don't worry me too much as I'm good at making paleo choices and working round a menu but snacking worries me.  I graze a lot.  I kind of eat all day, really.  And this is difficult to do away from my well-stocked fridge and cupboards.

So, I have baked some paleo seed and coconut cookies and a paleo fruit cake, made with almond flour, to take so I can naughty snack without being too naughty.  I am going to take bags of carrots and apples and bananas and a few hard-boiled eggs and I'm also going to pack my TRX bands so I can workout in the hotel room!

Now, whether or not any of this gets used is yet to be seen.  I'll keep a little picture diary of what I eat (and drink) and whether or not I workout and we'll see how well I manage to stay focused.

I'm feeling positive as I feel this is the way I eat now, it doesn't seem difficult or a chore or complicated.  it's just the way I am.

I don't drink alcohol at all normally unless I go out, and often then I won't drink either but if I know anything at all about Robyn and Rachel (and I have known them 40 years and 29 years respectively) I think a few tequilas may be slammed! But if you can't do that when you're with best friends and no kids, when can you do it?

I'll keep you posted...

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