Thursday, 10 January 2013

Who LOST weight over Christmas?

I would like to talk about one of my nutrition clients who lost 5lb over Christmas.  
That's 5lb.  
Over Christmas!  

We spent today's session discussing what it was she did that enabled her to be one of the only people on the planet who actually managed to lose weight over Christmas!

Firstly, here's a little background:

My approach to nutrition management aims to enable people to lose weight 
simply, effectively, permanently and independently.  

I don't want people to have to follow such complicated meal plans and sets of rules that they are forever reliant on me or the plan because this means they never learn anything about themselves or about nutrition.

I don't want people to feel like they are on a diet, like they are denying themselves or that they are hungry because that way lies stubbornness and panic and failure.

I do want people to take my 7 K-Loss rules and bend them and twist them and tweak them so that they fit their own individual, unique lives like a glove.  This way they become autonomous;
they take back the control.  

This is very important.  They take back the control.  Without being controlling.

And that is just what one of my amazing clients has done this Christmas.

Of course, on my list of K-Loss rules, there are things to avoid and things to cut out but the rules are FLEXIBLE.  This means once you begin to understand why the rules are there, you are able to decide for yourself how far you can bend them.  Some of the times, trial and success will tell you just how far you can bend them.

This particular amazing client did just that.  For several weeks she had been regularly losing 1, 2, 3, sometimes 4 lb a week.  She did this by avoiding the foods I suggested and trying little tips and tricks to make this easier.  She genuinely found - although she didn't believe at first that she would - that after she limited sugar in her diet, naturally sweet things would taste sweeter - to the point where she even managed porridge without any sweetener at all!  She did this by listening to her body and noticing when she was hungry and when she was full.  She did it by learning what helped and what hindered her through a weekly cuppa and a chat!

But then it was Christmas.
And she did what most of us do at Christmas and decided to treat herself.  She didn't eschew all the foods I said were to be avoided.  Quite the contrary.  She ate mince pies and Christmas cake and pastry and chocolate brownies and all manner of things that made me wince a little and yet she still lost 5lb!

How is this possible?

What she did manage to keep up over Christmas was the massive reduction she had made in portion sizes.  She had Christmas cake but only one slice.  She had mince pies but only a few.  She ate things with pastry but the portion sizes were similar to the amount of food she goes to her 9 and 12 year old boys!

She used to regularly have second helpings and always have a pudding.  But this has changed and it seems to be a permanent change.

She said that it wasn't a conscious effort to limit her portion sizes.  She said it had become second nature.  She can identify easily now when she is full before she is over-full.

This is what I wanted!  Simple changes that are easy to implement and permanent that can be implemented independently! 

She is now so fired up by her effortless Christmas success that she is eager to get back to the rules more strictly.  The reason being that it isn't just about the calories.  Not all calories are created equal.  The cleaner the calories, the better she feels.

Sure, that sausage roll tasted good but the heartburn afterwards just wasn't worth it!

If you are interested in getting similar, genuine, simple, sustainable results for life, contact me to find out more about my unique approach to nutrition management either on-line or in-person.

If what you got from this blog post is that you can eat sausage rolls and lose weight, then I suggest you read it again. = )

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