Sunday, 27 October 2013

Alongside planning your day comes planning your meals.

If you know what you need to get out of the freezer in advance, what ingredients you need to have ready and what you are eating for each meal, not only will you vastly reduce your food waste and food bill but you will be in control of your nutrition. 

This means you will be less likely to snack on undesirable choices because you won't have bought these items and you will be properly fuelled up regularly on healthy  foods and will be less likely to crave the unhealthy stuff.

Download this planner for free to help you.

I trim the edges and laminate in an A3 laminating pouch so I can reuse it each week - OHP pens work best because they don't smudge but can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth each week.

If you focus on cutting sugar, limiting flour and reducing processed foods, you will change your life - for real!

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