Thursday, 10 October 2013

We are creatures of habit.

I regularly hear comments about not having time to plan meals or exercise.  But making time (not finding time) to plan meals carefully and prepare and cook food from scratch and to exercise isn't about making time it's about creating habits.

I'm sure we could all list things we do daily without thinking because they are habitual behaviours that we just get on with as part of our daily routine.

And there is the key!  Routine.

You need to make planning food and exercise part of your daily routine.  It isn't that difficult.  If you have time every day for TV or reading a magazine are you honestly saying your time couldn't be better spent exercising or planning and prepping meals?  I know we all need down time and if you work full time that is hard to come by but you genuinely can make time just as easily as you can make excuses!

Is Eastenders really more important than your health?

= )

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