Sunday, 6 October 2013

Stop poisoning yourself with fake food!

There are so many things I put down to just getting older (which my Doctor also put down to getting older) that since changing my nutrition and doing some exercise have TOTALLY disappeared.

It is obvious to me now, after the fact, what an enormous role diet and exercise play in how we feel. It's hard to imagine how good you could feel when you don't realise quite how bad you already feel.

I could not have imagined how well I could feel when I was still feeling unwell.

At the age of 39, I used to wake up in the mornings tired and sluggish, with stiff and aching joints.  I used to feel overwhelmingly sleepy at around 2 in the afternoon and more often than not, nod off on the sofa in the evenings.

I used to have headaches regularly, probably once a week or so.  I used to get tummy aches occasionally.

I couldn't knit for more than ten minutes at a time as my knuckles would start to ache.

Walking up and down the stairs many times would make my legs ache.  Walking fast any where would leave me out of breath and sweaty.

I was very quick to anger with my kids, I was incredibly impatient and grumpy.

My bottom was heading south.  My arms had become a bit flabbier than I remembered them being in my early thirties and my thighs looked wrong.

New wrinkles were appearing daily and seemed deeper by the week!

These all seemed to me just how things were.  My doctor asked me how old I was when I told her my knuckles ached when I knitted and my joints were a bit stiff and achey on the mornings.  She sighed and nodded and said with a smile, 'It's your age.'  I accepted this and went away a bit sadder than I'd entered but resigned to the beginning of the end.

Since cutting out wheat my joints have stopped hurting.  They don't hurt AT ALL.

Since cutting out starchy carbs, I no longer have the urge to sleep at 2pm.  I wake up, if not leaping out of bed with joy, at least not sluggish and stiff.  I can't remember the last time I fell asleep on the sofa. My moods have stabilised and although I still yell at my kids, I don't have the seeing-red meltdowns I used to have.

Since cutting out sugar and processed foods, I no longer get headaches (I had one the other day before a thunder storm....the first one in about a year.)  It could be that I am just less worried about my wrinkles now that I am in control of my health and my body but it does seem to me that cutting processed food and getting fit and healthy seemed to have slowed their progress rather dramatically - I'm not saying, like Victoria Principal, that I have literally turned back time but the slippery slope seems to have evened out a little.

Since beginning exercise, I can put my socks on without sitting down, my back doesn't ache and my posture has improved meaning my tummy sticks out less.  My arms are toned and less wobbly, my bottom is heading north once more and I feel better than I did in my twenties!

Now at the age of 42, I feel well! 

I can see now that how I used to feel wasn't real life, it wasn't just how you start to feel as your youth slips away.  You don't have to put up with aching joints, headaches, sluggishness, indigestion and a saggy bum.  There are things, simple things, you can do to change it.

Why take iron tablets to make up for a deficiency when you could up your intake of red meat and green veggies or if you already do that, cut wheat to make sure that iron is absorbed properly?  So many people take tablets for high blood pressure when a combination of decent nutrition and exercise would do a better job of it!

Why medicate yourself with drugs when the food you eat is still poisoning you?  Food can be all the medicine you need!

It is a choice to malnourish yourself with fake food; it is a choice to be unfit; it is a choice to allow yourself to feel tired and old and weak.  
You have the choice to make a change, to take control, to feel better than you have ever felt in your life!

Why on earth would you choose not to?

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