Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sneaky Peek

If we want to be successful in our quest for permanent weight loss then we need to stop relying on diets that hold our hands and literally spoon feed us.

A successful weight loss program has to ensure we can do it on our own, that we understand enough about which foods nourish and protect us and enough about ourselves to know what helps and hinders us to succeed.

That is why weekly discussions (over a cup of tea or coffee, perhaps with a slice of no sugar, no flour, no dairy cake) are so vitally important.

No one is ging to get it right all the time but it's so easy when we hit difficulties to give up, that's why it's so useful to have someone to talk to, to text in an emergency, to bounce ideas off and to work through trouble spots with.

If you are thinking seriously about losing some weight and don't know where to begin, have a think about these questions:

1               What is prompting you to decide to lose weight?
2               How long have you wanted to lose weight?
3               What difference do you hope it will make to your life to lose the weight you want to lose?
4               What do you honestly believe you will achieve?  Is this different to what you hope to achieve?  If so, why do you think this is?
5               What do you dream/fantasise you will be able to do when you have lost the weight that you can’t do now?
6               Why can’t you do those things without losing the weight? 
7               What has prevented you from being successful in the past?
8               What do you think is different this time?
9               Who are you doing this for?  Do you think this will help you?
10            Are you waiting for the weight to go in order to be happy?

If you have been on the K-Loss program for a while and are experiencing a plateau:

1               When you are successful, what have you done and how have you thought to make this to happen?
2               How much do you really want to lose weight?  How important is it to you?
3               How would you feel in a year’s time if you hadn’t lost any weight or had gained weight?
4               How would you feel in a year’s time if you had lost all the weight you wanted to lose?
5               Are you willing to persevere?

If you want to discuss your responses to these questions further, you can sign up to my nutrition management clinic.  Weekly meetings over the phone, by email, online with Skype or FaceTime or in person.


  1. This is a great piece, very good to know

  2. Thanks, it's always useful to be self-evaluative, I think.