Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Top ten best Exercises

Exercising is hard work, so it better bloody well yield results.  Here are my current top ten favourite exercises for guaranteed results!

1     The deadlift.
          Why?  because it targets all your wobbly bits, inner thighs?  Check.  Bum?  Check.  Abs?  Check.  And it hits your quads and hamstrings, major muscle groups - great for raising your metabolism.

2     Press ups.
          Why?  Because they target the rest of you!  Abs (again? You don't want good abs?)  Chest, arms. and even legs to some extent.  It's also very versatile: progress from knee pressups, to incline, to normal, to decline, feet on a stability ball, toes on a box push ups, handstand push ups!

3     The squat.
          Why?  Because it's so adaptable and works major muscle groups (and your abs - more, I know!) which is great for burning calories.  You can do body weight squats anywhere, isometric squats, bar bell squats, dumb bell squats, kettlebell squats etc.

4     The pull up.
          Why?  It does your back (and abs - brilliant!).  That's what's left after you've done all of these.  It's also versatile, you can do assisted pull ups, chin ups, wide grip, narrow grip...

5     Dumb bell chest press
          Why?  Great for chest and arms - biceps and triceps - and if you do infinite drop sets, you'll really hit these muscles hard!  I like dumb bells because it forces you to even out how hard each arm works.  It's easier with a bar bell to favour your stronger arm.  Versatile as well, incline, flat, decline, straight up, wide, y- shaped...

6     The triceps dip.
          Why?  Good for bingo wings - nuff said.

7     Krishy Krunches. (I worked these specifically for a client who didn't have enough ab strength to do a full sit up - you sit on an ab bench at 45 degrees, so half way between vertical and horizontal and you lie back just until your lower back touches the bench then you come back up to 45 degrees - keeping the tension at the top and bottom of the move and never having to jerk upwards from flat on the bench, thus protecting your lower back form that jerking motion.)
          Why?   Because they don't allow you to ease up on the tension so they really work your abs harder than traditional crunches and they don't put pressure on your lower back like sit ups can.

8     Stability Ball Back extensions
          Why?  Because they are great exercises for your lower back, an often ignored area - good for balancing all that ab work!

9     Dragan Presses
          Why?  Good for shaping, toning and strengthening your biceps and shoulders (oh and your abs, again! Awesome!)

10    Planks.
          Why?  Great for your core muscles - abs and lower back.  Versatile as well, you can do bent or straight arm planks, you can use stable and unstable surfaces and you can do side planks.

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