Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Looking for the perfect gift for someone this Christmas?  
How about Personal Training Vouchers?

Treat someone you love, this Christmas, to a gift of health and fitness, or put it on your own Christmas list for Santa!

Think ahead to that January someone start 2013 as they mean to go on with a personalised training session to kick start the new year!

So, take advantage of the Christmas discount and get an hour's personal training voucher for £20 rather than £25!

Children's personal training sessions, with the Christmas discount are £10 for half an hour.

Personal training sessions can be tailored to any ability, for people who are experienced weight lifters or who have never done a stroke of exercise their entire life (just like me 18 months ago!)

Contact me,  Krish, on 01825 761687 or 07795 016982 or email me on for more details and to purchase your vouchers!

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