Friday, 2 November 2012

Think about food!

It's easy to think that in order to control cravings and eat more sensibly you should think less about food but actually the converse is true.

In order to take control of your nutrition, you need to think more about food.  That doesn't mean becoming obsessive but it does mean being organised and doing a bit of planning.

The easiest foods to eat, the foods that take no planning, thought or effort (think things that come in packets...) are precisely the foods that are the worst for us, the foods that do the most damage and that pile on the pounds!

So in order to eat foods that nourish and protect us, foods that keep us feeling full and limit cravings, we need to think more carefully about them and plan.

This is what I do to make sure I'm ready for meal times, so that I'm not so hungry I can't think.  This enables me to make sure I have the ingredients I need to make nutritious, filling, healthy meals.I need to make sure I have taken the time to prepare healthy snacks so that in between meals I don't flag.

So stop trying to push thoughts of food from your mind and make more time to plan your nutrition carefully - it really does make a difference!

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