Monday, 24 December 2012


Want to survive Christmas without piling on the pounds?

Exercise a little restraint.  

Try to remember that Christmas dinner is about the people you spend it with, not the food.

To avoid the sugar crash post lunch, cut the number of potatoes you have, limit the amount of Christmas pudding you devour and fill up on turkey and veg and make sure you plan healthy snacks to keep you from bingeing.

Try to remember that the point of any fancy meal - be it at a restaurant or at home and the point of Christmas lunch (especially if you don't have to cook it) is spending time with friends and family, not the actual food itself.

Often, the food we associate with Christmas  helps us get back to that cosy comforting place of our youth.  However, you don't have to eat the entire box of Ferrero Rocher to get there!

Exercise some restraint.

Many of my clients have made enormous steps in getting fitter and healthier in the run up to Christmas.  It really shouldn't be necessary to take yourself back to square one in January.

You can get through Christmas without piling on the pounds but you need to remember:

  • you are in control, you are in charge of your body.
  • you can exercise restraint and still enjoy delicious food
  • you can enjoy the company of friends and family more than the food you consume
  • if you plan healthy snacks, the peanuts, crisps, pies and choccies shouldn't be a problem

So enjoy Christmas and all that it entails but keep it in proportion.  Remind yourself of all you have achieved so far, remind yourself of what you hope to achieve in the future and exercise restraint.

Having said that, it is Christmas and to spend the entire holiday period beating yourself up is pointless and counter-productive.  

Do what you can, be in control and have a plan!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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