Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas taken its toll?

Today is the day to sign up for 
Eat Clean January!

£30 for the whole month - that's less than a pound a day for as many sessions as you need and a personalised, adaptive, easy to follow and easy to maintain nutrition plan that is completely unique to you.

At least one weekly meeting (online via Skype or FaceTime or in person at my house or yours) for a coffee and weigh-in and dialogue about what you have ound easy and what you have found hard in order to tailor the program so it fits you and your life.  No two people will follow the plan in the same way.

Help and tips whenever you need them - contact me whenever you need a question answered or a kick up the backside by text or email.

The K-Loss plan helps re-educate you so that healthy choices become not only second-nature but also more appealing than non-healthy choices.  The K-Loss plan really does stop you dieting and helps you make permanent changes for life!

So make that commitment, for one month, and ring in the changes for 2013!

Isn't it worth less than £1 a day to change your life?

Contact me for more information.

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